Chlorine Dioxide - The Bane of Big Pharma's Existence
1581 views • 09/10/2020
Jordan from Destroying the Illusion talks about Chlorine Dioxid / MMS and how it can do amazing things for your health. for more info about Jordan and his views of what is happening in the world.

Please sign and then learn how to use yourself. Help change the world and never be sick again.

If anyone tells you that Chlorine Dioxide is bleach, they have failed 9th grade chemistry. (Bleach is = sodium hypochlorite. NEVER inject bleach!)

Learn more about CLO2 / Chlorine Dioxide:
Full Quantum Leap documentary:

The "injecting disinfectant" saga. WHAT IF THERE WAS ALREADY A CURE but Big Pharma was doing all it could to harass those that were freely giving it to the world?:

Petition for Health Rights. We are requesting President Trump stop the attack on the substance Chlorine Dioxide and those educating about it's health improvement capabilities. Chlorine Dioxide, used by municipal water treatment facilities and blood banks to eliminate pathogens detoxifies humans as well. Bolivia has just approved the use of Chlorine Dioxide.
The FDA appears to be in full assault mode on anyone that educates the public regarding this phenomena. Specifically, Mark Grenon and his family. They have a financial conflict of interest when inexpensive, non pharmaceutical agents successfully heal or detoxify. Allowing any governmental agency to restrict a citizens right to use or discuss any such substance is potentially life threatening and should be stopped. Sign Please!
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