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MMS: The "injecting disinfectant" saga. WHAT IF THERE WAS ALREADY A CURE but Big Pharma was doing all it could to harass those that were freely giving it to the world?
Published 4 years ago
EXPOSED. New series with hard hitting investigating Journalism that puts the Mainstream Media to shame.
PLEASE HELP - SIGN: Petition for Health Rights. We are requesting President Trump stop the attack on the substance Chlorine Dioxide

Documentary on how MMS / CLO2 cures most diseases.
Information on protocols and how to use yourself refer to Andreas website (below) or

“To declare Chlorine Dioxide as a dangerous to ingest when there is not a single scientific documented case of death in 100 years is a serious mistake, that will cost thousands of lives for the negligence of not having proven this false premise by the governments” - Andreas

Andreas is a bio/physicist and researcher
His book and website:

Information on scientific studies and safety of chlorine dioxide for caronavirus

- Infowars interview discussing MMS can be viewed here;
... starts at the 5 minute mark.
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