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Weather As a Weapon
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Published 2 years ago |
Dana Ashlie

GeoEngineering resource:

This is a montage of videos from the News From Asia channel
So we put together what we now know...
1) that Fiat (Paper) Money is printed from thin air and worthless
2) that derivatives markets are rehypothicated and have no value
3) that weather can be created and steered for profiteering
4) and finally those responsible will make themselves scarce
Conclusion: "Climate Change" is a get-rich scheme to rob us.

Recommended starting points for new viewers (from my channel)
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The Climate Change scam
Deception is MONUMENTAL

What you missed on YouTube: 1) We Want Your Soul 2) Gaza 3) Ukraine

Hidden Secrets of Money
Weather Manipulation
Gеоrgia Guidestones

To order "Mel's Bibs": Edmund +353-85-2478000 [email protected]

Sources I use
Newspaper Zerohedge
Investment Watch
Collapse News (Mike Adams)
SGT Report

Recommended Truth Sources
Mint Press
Hoax News
Greg Hunter
Dave Janda
Corey Lynn
Caitlin Johnstone
Covert Geopolitics
Middle East Eye

My Big Short Explainer Video
The Big Short (Watch online) LANGUAGE WARNING, Sorry!
Climate ChangeWeather WarfareGeorgia GuidestonesWeaponised Weather

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