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Pete Scantilli Mirror: What REALLY happened with Ukraine and Impeachment
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Published 2 years ago |
This is the MINIMUM that you should be aware of regarding Ukraine.
Mainstream media has completely distorted this and other news

I am flat out trying to shovel as much reality as I can to the public.
Everything I put out here, I rejected myself until I dug enough to realise. Next I had to figure out how all this happened. Work in progress!

Pete Santilli
And Brighteon

Essential Links (Population Control and Economic Collapse)

Gеоrgia Guidestones - Original banned video (share, mirror, spread)

To order "Mel's Bibs": Edmund +353-85-2478000 [email protected]

Sources I use
Newspaper Zerohedge
Investment Watch
Collapse News (Mike Adams)
SGT Report

Recommended Truth Sources
Mint Press
Hoax News
Greg Hunter
Dave Janda
Corey Lynn
Caitlin Johnstone
Covert Geopolitics
Middle East Eye

My Big Short Explainer Video
The Big Short (Watch online) LANGUAGE WARNING, Sorry!
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