Earth Day 2023
10 views • 05/04/2023

To leave this planet in MUCH BETTER SHAPE than how you found it -- while learning how to say "GOOD-BYE" to your energy, water, AND grocery bill$ -- log into your Gmail before clicking-on:

To view a world-class list of energy-, water-, and food-INDEPENDENCE products & services on Google Drive, log into your Gmail before visiting:

To free-up your time so you can volunteer for non-profits such as and/or, click-on: Help others who can't install solar on their roofs know about community solar farms by clicking-on: get a piece of the $530+ BILLION per year domestic deregulated energy industry with a better "mousetrap" regarding automated electricity supplier switching, watch a short video after clicking-on: 

Contact Viv's Founding Partner in NJ, Joseph Birnie, if you have questions about earning and/or saving with Viv:

m: 201.937.3369

[email protected] OR [email protected]

If no timely response, leave me a VM at my landline # at 786.441.2727 with what you're interested in and 3 to 5 times and dates that you're free to speak.

To learn how to get up to $14,000 in upfront rebates for certain energy upgrades or 30 to 50% federal tax CREDIT$ on things like solar, wind, and batteries under President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, watch:

Request a FREE net zero energy or off-grid consultation by filling-out:  Learn more at the following sites:

Lastly, since "health is wealth," be sure to look around and PRINT-OUT all of the following FREE e-guides:

Learn more about me at: and

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