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227) O-so-moronic scariant is electromagnetic radiation - "COVID" & ITS SCARIANTS DO NOT EXIST!
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Published 6 months ago |
In Spain, increasing citizen reports are measuring high radiation values from telecommunication antennas, namely 5G tech, with extreme values of electric field induction, power density and magnetic flux density. Check the comparison between the values with and without a metallic (copper and silver) electromagnetic field shielding (EMF) curtain. The symptoms are the classic ones for acute irradiation syndrome. Dizziness, headaches, sleep changes, metallic taste, immune depression, neurological changes, blood glucose increase, etc. If the person is vaccinated with graphene the symptoms will be much more aggravated by the antenna and superconducting nature of graphene, and may even lead to death, under the symptoms known as COVID.

Directo Nocturno de La Quinta Columna - Prog.199: thtps://

Value conversion table:
Standard values for exposure and biological sensitivity:

229) Remote control of heart cells with graphene (no doubts left):

Without a doubt, we are facing an electro-pandemic, as predicted. The aim is to depress and weaken the population, and sell us the farce of viral waves. Virus means toxic, it is about pollution and environmental contamination. Another conspiracy that has become a true fact.

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