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232) Dr. Lee Merritt Warns 5G Linked to Global COVID-19 Outbreaks
Published 2 years ago
Credits to Infowars (The Alex Jones Show). It is a video summary of:
Dec. 15, 2021 | Dr. Lee Merritt Warns 5G Linked to Global COVID-19 Outbreaks:

It's great to see that Dr. Lee Merritt is catching on to 5G being behind all of this global putsch. There is no "Covid" - it is caused by electromagnetic radiation. Every new variant is caused by further turning up the frequencies and power. See And 5G is needed for the cyborgisation of humanity via the human to transhuman conversion kits commonly known as "Covid vaxxines".

However, she is still making the same mistake as virtually all other "stop 5G" campaigners. She argues that we were all right until 5G came along and suggests that we could live with the generations of wireless technology up until 4G. She contradicts herself because she explains here the history of electromagnetic radiation and its depredations. There were already over 60 appeals and petitions about wireless technology from doctors and scientists before 5G ever came along (

She is also wrong to say that some people are more elecrohypersenstive and they are unfortunate. No - they are simply the canaries in the coal mine. Wireless technology will kill all life on earth. Even before 5G, there are already an estimated 100 million people who are suffering from so-called electrohypersensitivity. It is called "radiation sickness".

Wireless technology is not about telecommunications - it is a weapon and always was! ALL wireless technology and cell phones have to go. You cannot protect yourself against wireless technology and if you are holding a cell phone, you are signing your own death warrant because it is causing the symptoms that you think are "Covid" by disrupting every system in your body because your entire body relies on electrical signalling. See

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