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My little Sister Now Dead + 'Situation' Update Denmark 'CV-19 Passport' in 5 min [12.11.2021]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
Published 9 months ago |
Note: My little sister Marianne just died Thursday night on 11 November 2021... 55 years old... She was also brainwashed and believed the satanic system and she also took the 'TEst' and 'Jab'...
R.I.P. Marianne Osbøl... 'If it Doesn't Kill You, it Will Only Make You Stronger'
'You will notice the more awake you are, the less patience you have for opinions because you are operating on a different spiritual maturity.'
'There is NO such thing as a Coincidence!' - Tamara

Exception for coronatest and requirement for Corona Passport:
(Undtagelse for coronatest og krav om coronapas):;PageId=1883566d-969e-4188-b4e1-52e44c0b3d1d&ButtonId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000;culture=da&uiCulture=da,-hvis-du-er-undtaget-for-test-og-Coronapas.aspx

11.11.2021 #Denmark #Exception for #influenza 'test,'vaccine' and 'PASSPORT' available for free at @CitizenService and completely without having to show a #MedicalCertificate?;name=4096x4096

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