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112) Jean Bernard Fourtillan found the truth about SARS-CoV-2 [VIRAL]
Published 3 years ago
GO VIRAL: Professor Fourtillan, who appeared in "Hold-Up", he has been interned in a psychiatric hospital against his will. Jean Bernard Fourtillan professor of pharmacology and toxicology speaks out about the origin of SARS CoV virus. He is a hero among the heroes.

Fourtillan exposing the SARS-COV- 2 conspiracy. They faked it so that they could roll out the genocidal vaccine. This is why they locked him up.

I would add that it looks to me as if the purpose of the vaccine is to make sure that the Covid-19 biological weapon goes viral everywhere. So far, all this talk of asymptomatic carriers has been bollocks, but once ignorant, dangerous people willingly take the vaccine, they will become real asymptomatic carriers and god help the rest of us who wouldn't touch the vaccine with a bloody barge pole! In my view, these dangerous vaccine-takers should be isolated on some godforsaken island reserved for the monumentally stupid and kept well away from the rest of us so they can't infect us. We'll send all the vaccine-pushing politicians to live with them.

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127) ¿ New World Order Checkmated exposed ? (Jean Bernard Fourtillan)

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Un Héros à l'assaut du Mal | Channel 'Vivre sur le Fil' | 05/12/2020:
Un lanceur d'alerte et Professeur interné de force! | Channel Terra- Formations | 10/12/2020:
The family asks not to call the hospital anymore, the lawyers will take care of it, thank you all.
See article from France Soir: :
Video of an informed lawyer:
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