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Taking HHO (HydrOxy "Browns Gas") in Pill Form - How and Why comparisons with Clo2
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Published 3 years ago
In this video I show how to mix and take a single pill form of the Hydrogen Pill. There is much to learn and test with this that is beneficial for our health. Hydrogen is a gas that is normally produced by our bodies when our Gastrointestiaonal system is working properly and we are eating a healthy amount of green vegetables and fibre in our diet. However, taking this as a supplimental dosage is proving to be very beneficial for body tissue recovery after workouts and the removal of harmful Free Radicals (specifically the Hydroxyl Radical). The reduction/balancing of Free Radicals is known to help the body heal from over 150 different diseases (as discussed in the video).

What you need to know about Hydrogen yt video:;ab_channel=NaomiWhittel

The many benefits of hydrogen yt video:;t=1070s&ab_channel=BioresonanceTherapy

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