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1L. CDS Made Quickly...3 hours or less to make 300 ml - (Chlorine dioxide solution)
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Published 3 years ago
Here is a very short version on how to make your own Chlorine Dioxide Solution at 3000 parts per million. Overall, it takes a few minutes of work and just under 3 hours of wait time. Materials needed are: 3 tupperware containers (air tight), 6 mason jar caps glued back to back, a syringe to measure and some tape. I also use some weights to put on the tupperwares so that they seal tightly during the 3 hours. Normally this process takes between 40-70 hours. Thanks to Charlotte Lackney/Murilo Perrone's developed system of making it, we can lower that time by more than 90%. CDS and MMS have similar medicinal compositions in that have the key molecule of Chlorine Dioxide. Both are used for health-related purposes. CDS is a more pure version of the molecule and is used in hospitals and homes around the world. The 300 ml's of CDS lasts me about 4 - 6 weeks of dosages and it is made from 18 ml of Hydrochloric Acid (4-5%) and 9 ml of Sodium Chlorite (22-29%). If the CDS is stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator, it will last for several months. I apologize that my Spanish is not great. I figured that it would be more useful to the public with Spanish subtitles.

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Special thanks for those who helped to teach about CDS and specifically Charlotte and Murilo for helping to develop this shortened process of safely producing it. They have spent several months developing this more efficient way of making it. Both time and lives will be saved with this system.
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