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Remdesivir: Heartbreak in the Hospital
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Biblical Solution
Published 3 months ago |

How many of us have lost loved ones to Remdesivir?  ...and yet these many clear murderers and accomplices not only continue to go free, but are even rewarded with huge bankrolls!

I was in the middle of actually producing this documentary in october of 2021 when I got a call that my own dad was now gone.   It was easy to establish that the Ohio hospital he lived near had killed my dad with this "protocol".

My family, thinking me to be too fanatical and untrusting of our government (not wanting me to cause any trouble with the doctors, I was told) did not even tell me he was sick, let alone in the hospital, otherwise his death could have been avoided, by keeping him out of their death camps altogether.

I felt that I should repost this film once more on my most recent channels, because as we speak yet here today, millions are still being slaughtered, and not just by this deadly drug, but also by the willful ignorance and thereby obedience-driven compliance of many people who yet today refuse to admit that their government and medical system could be so heartless.

But even after they have taken two of my close family members now via their fake medical system and I am forced to push myself all that much harder and keep fighting the lies with as much truth as I can yet get out there, now they are going after our children in such massive ways that it makes my blood boil.

And once more, I also strongly recommend that all of our apathetic, complacent, and even complicit Bible-professing friends and loved ones are shown the biblical messages (that go against all their excuses to not stand against this evil with us) in what one might desctibe as a "good Samaritan / bad Samaritan"-type video that we've titled: "Doublethink of the Death gods", link here:

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