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Kingston Part 4: The AI GENETIC TAKEOVER
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Information Warfare
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Published 2 years ago
Karen Kingston Part 1:
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Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, provided absolutely chilling statements on the Stew Peters Show, revealing secrets about an artificial intelligence gathering leading to a complete genetic takeover of humanity through the COVID-19 vaccines! Welcome to PART 4:

0:00 - 10:12
Karen Kingston has done it, AGAIN. Kingston is a biotech analyst who joined Stew Peters with RECEIPTS, proving that the theory of Cyrus Parsa is NOT a "crazy conspiracy theory", but the DoD is actually using their Joint AI Intel Center to monitor "vaccine" deaths! Why? Originally aired on October 8th 2021.
10:12 - 27:46
The WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE if this interview is seen by the masses. This is it. This is the FINAL "Variant". Your life, the life of our children and every generation to come will be forever enslaved if this agenda is carried out! Originally aired on October 11th 2021.
27:46 - 41:01
Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the "safe and effective" narrative surrounding the failed "vaccines", which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan. Originally aired on October 15th 2021.
41:01 - 57:12
Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and a biotech analyst. Kingston joined Stew Peters to reveal how the PCR tests many are subjected to are hijacking your genetic code and transmitting the information back to China. Originally aired on October 21st 2021.
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