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ZOOM MEETING! Obama-Pelosi-Holder Prepping Jab Soldiers, White House Goes Off on Vaxxers, Terral Writes To Stew Peters, Condo Collapse Update, and More: July 13, 2021
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‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers
Submitted by Marv
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Alex Jones:
Mike Adams:
ZOOM MEETING! Barack Obama, Pelosi, Holder – Preparing Their Soldiers for Anarchy and the Mystery Jab
Submitted by Karen
Dr. Lee Merritt Blasts Biden Vax Home Invasions (07.12.2021):
Terral Writes Stew Peters (07.13.2021):
Dear Stew Peters:
My name is Terral Croft from and I became aware of your work a few months ago and am watching your video here. My warning message to the University of Maryland Geologists (PDF) is attached to this email. I know you are a busy beaver and one of the good guys, and am trying to keep this brief:
While your vision of the threats growing all around us is quite good, there is something missing, and this message is to help you connect more of the dots. First,
Much of what you see happening with the earth changes, Covid-19 PlanDemic, Lockdowns, coming Martial Law, etc. is directly connected to something coming from space. The Elite/Globalists have been preparing for the Black Star to terraform our planet since long before we were born. That is why the New York Council on Foreign Relations opened the Denver CFR in 1938, as the underground Ark City connected to the Denver Airport is the administrative hub of CanAmeriMexico, whether Americans ever wake up to that reality or not. . .
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Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]
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WARNING! Media uses the "kids at the border" to hide the Harris-Biden "Catch-and-Bus" Program: My Report: Obama in 2014: SPARS 2025: Infected Illegals Bused EVERYWHERE!
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Nano-based approach to combat emerging viral (NIPAH virus) infection
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