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To all of my followers from YOUTBE- I got another
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Published 2 months ago |
To all of my followers from YOUTBE- I got another strike for posting this or the Ivermectin video...

what ever.. please share the info on Ivermectin horse paste and how to use- its way cheaper than a prescription.

Hello to all of you amazing people !!!

It is the weirdest time to be alive and here we are.
Our president is uncapable, we are being driven to take “vaccines” that are unproven. They are considered a experimental gene therapy, Which means we are being lied to that they are safe and effective.
There is soooooo much evidence to this, that you can no longer afford to look the other way or beg forgiveness in ignorance. Ignorance unfortunately is controlled by consequence.
So first of all for those of you in the know or those who are awakening and what to know I am sending a list of resources to take a look at. Do your homework, do not rely on others to tell you how to think- to wake up and truly be awake means you are coherent and able to think…
So all of that aside- I am moving my Mindrewire channel off youtube to
Where I can speak freely and tell you whats going on and how to stay coherent through it. As the censoring efforts widen, I am getting strikes against me for thinks that should not be an issue… so off we go!
SO here is where you can find me – please come take a look – there are many other authors and truth speakers and seekers here, If like youtube but with an edge of freedom!!!
Here is the link to my channel
first video-
Here is a link to my second-
keep watching for more as I create the videos for
What is the mark of the beast??? Is it the Vaxx? Or the chip??
What is solipsism?
How to make your own vit c packed quinine…
Herbs that heal- from my garden
My covid treatment that’s worked for me and my family.

Also you will get the opportunity to jump in on free classes for
Whole brain state- different effective ways to get there and how to use this state to change your subconscious.
Heart Coherence practical information and reasons to use this state to learn to be yourself.
All free the course work will be in a live online class setting and will be a free seminar style class.

I will send those inks out in the coming days as they are ready so please watch for them!
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