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Oil is the lifeblood of the Earth.
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Oil is the literal blood of the earth.

It doesn’t come from fossil fuels, it is ‘abiotic’ & self generating there is no shortage.

The idea of fossil fuels only came from Rockefeller in order to make it appear scarce, thus more controllable.

All previous forms of free energy travel, electric, steam, pneumatic (air compressed) were redacted to petrol in order for society to become dependent on their vampirism.

It’s the same reason we never see any technological advancements with any other form of fuel—Vegetable Oil, Water, Hemp etc

To think we’ve been using the remains of giant chicken ‘dinosaurs’ for the past century or so is asinine, comical even.

Nothing is really what you were taught.

Everything is used as a means of hypnosis/control, once you realize that, all their narratives begin to shatter.

Earth is naturally abundant & could easily provide for us all.

Fears & Lies. Profits & Control.

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