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HIGH FAT and VEGGIE. Salted to Taste. 2x per DAY. This LOWERS your Blood Pressure. Dr. Ken Berry
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This food lowers your blood pressure naturally.

Dr. Ken Berry on the High Blood Pressure Diet. Two regular or small meals a day. Eat as much fat and veggies (low carb) till comfortably full. Several tiny fatty snacks as needed to learn intermittent fasting. This diet also lowers body inflammation. Natural GROUND and/or SEA SALT. Low-carbs. High Fat.

"It's going to help keep your insulin at LOW-Normal. It's going to help keep your cortisol, your aldosterone very low-normal. This will help you get rid of inflammation [and] get rid of fluid that you are holding. This will allow your kidneys to pee off the [extra] fluid...I've seen this diet lower peoples blood pressure 20 or 30 points back towards normal..." ~ Dr. Ken Berry


Reduce your blood pressure/hypertension with a healthy fat and medium-low carb / intermittent fasting diet! These natural foods will help your body naturally lower your blood pressure so you can REDUCE MEDS. High fat mini-snacks are ok: avocado, cheese, egg etc. See Dr Mindy Pelz on EASY intermittent fasting:

"...I've seen thousands of people use [this diet] to lower blood pressure 20-30 points, often getting to STOP their blood pressure medications after enjoying this diet for a few weeks/months. While eating this way, you will get to eat until you are completely full, and will get to salt [GROUND or SEA SALT] your food to satisfy your taste...." ~ Dr. Ken Berry

FULL SHOW: Dr. Ken Berry, High Blood Pressure Diet; Improve Hypertension 2024

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More at: Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure Playlist on BRIGHTEON:

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