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Start EASY intermittent fasting for health. Fasting snacks? Yes! Effortless? Yes!
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Published 10 months ago

"I've tried intermittent fasting and it does not work for me." Listen to this podcast first!

"Fasting for Metabolic Health and Hormone Balance. Time-restricted eating (TRE) is one of the most foundational strategies to stay healthy." ~ Mercola

"Pelz has spent the last eight years of her clinical career using TRE, fine-tuning it in the trenches and gaining an understanding of the hormonal components that need to be taken into consideration, especially in women." ~ Mercola

FULL SHOW. Can you eat small snacks while fasting?

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EVOLVED KETO CUPS (or make your own)Ingredients: Organic coconut butter, organic cacao, organic jerusalem artichoke fiber (optional - or use agave inulin), organic cacao butter, organic monk fruit extract (0ptional), organic MCT oil. May contain nuts.

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