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What Will It Take To Wake Us Up 2?
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Published 2 years ago |
People can say Deep State, or Cabal, or Globalists, or Elite, it doesn't matter what term is used - there is an underlying facet to how they operate: children. Human trafficking, both in terms of women and children is evil beyond words, but it sustains these people and is in fact the glue that holds them together. As such, it is their Achilles heel as well. It will be their downfall.

On 20 January 2021, his first day in office, Joe Bidan (he's not the real Joe Biden - real Joe Biden is long since dead - firing squad 2019) issued a proclamation halting construction of the southern border wall. Why? It's not about reuniting families. It's not about protecting our borders. It's not about allowing more legal immigration to happen. No matter what they say. It's about the supply of women and children.
Thanks to the Border Wall, human trafficking is down 96% along our southern border! The video stating this is included in the presentation and the link is directly below, but if you could please share it with at least 5 people, you'll help this world more than you will ever know! Pay special attention to the questions at the end regarding why the Main Stream Media doesn't cover these items and how these now notorious pedophiles operated for so long at such high levels! The answers are conclusions you will need going forward.

Ask yourself why President Trump chose to have speeches at the Border Wall and the Alamo with only 8 days remaining in office? These things are significant!

It's not about Republican or Democrat - it's about the children. It's not about the color of your skin - it's about the children. It's not about who you voted for - it's about the children. It's all about the children. Darkness to Light is all about the children. Remember this.

HOLD THE LINE! It's getting harder to do so. Remember the children!
WAKE UP! For the children, if nothing else!
WAKE OTHERS UP! If not us, than who?

A note about dates. Don't pin your hope on dates. Dates have come and gone with seemingly nothing to show for them. But things are happening, and we can only see little pieces here and there. We gain encouragement after things happen. Watch the resignations coming in for those that may be doubting whether anything is happening behind the scenes. We don't have full public proof yet, but we do have bread crumbs. Here's 2 of them:
1. Why would Jeff Bezos resign from being CEO of Amazon? He should be doing a victory lap now; he resigned instead!
2. Why would Jeff Zucker resign from being President of CNN? He also should be doing a victory lap now; but he's resigning too!

Don't lose hope! Things are progressing in God's time, not mine, or yours. Have faith. Faith in God. And let your faith spur you to peaceful action (i.e. wake up, wake others up, forward this video, search out answers to questions you have, question what you see and hear, stand up for your constitutional rights, talk about things with your family and friends, get informed, change your search engine, change the online shopping stores you use, get different newspaper subscriptions, write/call your congressional and senatorial representatives, don't take the vaccine, etc). In other words, get off the sidelines and get involved. Everybody can and should do something - no matter how small. Remember, it's your country too!

And in closing, if you like this, share it with a friend.

May faith in Almighty God strengthen you for the days ahead!

This is the follow-on to "What Will It Take To Wake Us Up?" located at this URL:
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