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You Mean this Can't be the MARK OF THE BEAST?
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Published 2 years ago

If you think these vaccines are not related to the mark of the beast, then I urge you to watch this video. Revelation 9:21 says "and they did not repent of their murders, nor of their sorceries (PHARMAKEIA - to use drugs, medicine, and spells), nor of their immorality, nor of their thefts". Yes - the mark of the beast is absolutely tied to the pharmaceutical industry. Don't think that it can't be a vaccine? Watch the video "Civil Disobedience in the Book of Revelation", since the only way believers will be overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, is with sanctified civil disobedience. By the way, the mark of the beast also becomes a cancer - a malignant sore on those who receive it (Revelation 16:2). In other words, IT IS A BIO-WEAPON. And have a look at this: Though יד refers not only to the hand but also to the entire limb stretching out from the shoulder to the fingertips, the Hebrew word זרוע, sometimes called זרוע היד , refers specifically to the arm. Related:

People don't even know they have been beast-marked.

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