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PANDEMIC TRUTH WARRIOR 70 Dr. Roger Hodkinson Virology Specialist Exposing Canada Health Ministers for Treason
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A Warrior Calls
Published 2 years ago | the world must go for truth and the solution.

Video from Community and Public Services Committee - November 13th 2020

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians
Dr. Roger Hodkinson... has come out swinging against ALL GOVERMENT AND MSM LIARS... it is time the people rise up and take all of these parasites down... IT IS REQUIRED NOW from MSM news people right up to Justin Trudeau who has committed massive treason against the people not only in Canada but world wide... he will be the first to face nuremburg trials... the police MUST WAKE UP... SHARE THIS VIDEO TO EVERY POLICE STATION!!!! THEY NEED TO KNOW THEY HAVE [ALL OF US] BEEN LIED TOO... THIS ISN'T A GAME.. THEY ARE DESTROYING EVERYTHING SO IT IS TIME THE PEOPLE ARE GIVEN THE TRUTH IN THEIR FACE.... WELL HERE IT IS!
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