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Yesterday's Conspiracy Today's Reality - Weather Warfare
Published 3 years ago
The first use of conspiracy theory was a result of the questions about the approved narrative of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The CIA tagged all dissension of the narrative as conspiracy theories. If you go to Wikipedia, they have a list of Conspiracy theories, close to 50. When I look at them then review the goals described in the UN’s Sustainable Development plan and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, I see a direct correlation.
The Global Elites want us passive and complacent mesmerized by media. They have successfully marginalized any individual or group that goes against the approved narratives of the day. No more so than the times, we find ourselves with COVID Vaccines and Global Climate Change! They are working diligently to silence any dissent to their plans to create their New World Order.
Today we look at Weather Warfare and how suddenly it has been mainstreamed by one of the most influential people of the time – Bill Gates and his recent comments on using these technologies to control Global Climate Warming by releasing dust particles in our atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays.
chemtrailsclimate changegeoengineeringciaweather warfareconspiracybrainwashingtheoryterraform

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