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MUST SEE: Coronavirus BEST Natural Methods & Most Informative For Treatment & Prevention!
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published 2 years ago |
This Video Discusses MOLECULES & COMPOUNDS & PLANTS That FIGHT Coronavirus NATURALLY! SAVE This Video?
You Should Know The Following:
Consult A Functional Medical Doctor And/Or Naturopathic DOCTOR As Part Of Your Health Team, This Is For Your Own Educational Awareness!
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Includes My Favorite ALTERNATIVE Clips On The Matter For Audio Alongside My Research! Let Medical Facilities And Practitioners Know!
My Personal Top 5 Tips (To Have Likely FAR Better Survival Rates):
1. Healthy Lifestyle (Environments Internally & Externally, Plant-Based Healthy Fats (Inc. Coconut Oil) & High-Antioxidant Berries & Vegetables & Superfoods & Spices) [May Include Foods/Compounds Mentioned In Video, ex. Orange Zest, Flaxseed, Pumpkin-Pie Spice, Middle-Eastern/Asian Spices]
2. Buy For ANY Sickness Or Respiratory Problems Alike: 1000mg Non-GMO Vitamin C 5x a day or MUCH more based on severity (water soluble = VERY safe), powder for bulk buy (Optional: Rosehips & Bioflavanoids for Potency) [Can Still Be Paired With SPECIFIC Supplementation Mentioned In Video]
3. Buy ONLY FOR EXTREME USE: TRUE Colloidal Silver (Mesosilver), Chlorine Dioxide (MMS+4%HCL)
4. Have Preparedness Items (DRY Rices, Beans, Solar Supplies, Manual Water Pump/Clean Water)
5. Keep A Good MENTALITY (Especially If You Did Previous Steps), Stay Out Of Crowds INCLUDING Hospitals (Beware of Sepsis & Ebola, Due To Flu-Like Symptoms Alike Coronavirus)
Research material for herbs that are associated to work:
More info on Sepsis and Hospital-Created disease:
Last Update with some more useful tips:
Constant updates: &
Technology "testimonial remedy" to potentially help other than ozone:
More natural components info: &
origin of virus:
origin whistleblower:
good resource for viral infections & for practitioners:
protection strategies:
vitamin c usage in study:
pathogen strategies:
Easy-to-learn comprehensive infographic-video on Coronavirus:
Israeli Scientists to develop the vaccine, potentially:
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