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💥 March 31 2020 Part 1 CoronaVirus Epidemic of Corruption - Starting With a War Criminal at WHO Is a Bad Start | George Webb
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Blackb3rry Clu3s
Published 3 months ago |
Please note this statement by George Webb:
"I am officially retracting my earlier reporting that Maatje Benassi tested positive for CoronaVirus. I realize now I was being fed bad information to entrap me, exactly in the same way an FBI informant was used on my way to Piketon, Ohio three years ago. I am correcting my reporting that she only acted as a NATO Courier for the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO at the Wuhan Games which was my original reporting on this topic."

Ground zero started at Winnipeg, Canada (Oct 3 2019)
Chinese researcher Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Dr. Keding Cheng removed from Canada's only level-4 lab

April 5 2020 CoronaVirus - Just Another Knights of Malta Plague

Feb 28 2020 The Buttigieg-Mifsud Connection - Chicago by Way of Malta

Schmitz & Socarras LLP
Joseph Schmitz, Michael Socarras (plus some other expendable white male), their clients and their templar sword logotype

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RIP "Task Force" ❤️ (Aug 13 2018) - Robyn Gritz interview - Twitter account suspended Aug 2020

Trump - The Pakistani mystery man - Where is the Server?

Blackb3rry Clu3s
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George Webb - March 2020 (2/2)
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