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2020 Virus 08 | We dont like being lied to - Ep 05 | Just how harmful is EMR ? | Health | Adrian
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For The Love of Truth
Published 2 years ago |
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This WILL MAKE YOU THINK. In this episode we shine a light onto electromagnetic radiation effects on the human body, plants and animals. The first eight minutes or so the video of me talking and for those of you that like me to read out the articles the remaining 52 minutes or so are me reading the book summary.

I am making particular reference to the excellent work of Arthur Furstenberg. He explains in detail how sensitive we are to electromagnetic radiation and how all New World illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and so-called influenza/viral pandemics actually have their cause squarely sat on the shoulders of electricity, radio and radar. The electrification of the planet if you will.

I have to say that as much as I have learned a lot about health, my initial look into his work has answered so many questions I have been pondering over the years.

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The Book summary I am reading:

The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation
Dr Devra Davis:

Dr Thomas Cowan discusses the coronavirus:

In the next episode we will be exploring germ theory, because that's all it appears to be,, an unproven theory.


My book:
I have written a book on health and well-being. Nothing mainstream in here, just things I've observed and worked out that have helped me and others who have used the ideas.

You can read more about it here:

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