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Sulfur - The Most Important Element in Detoxification, Dr.Berg,
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The liver, your largest gland, uses sulfur to synthesize detox enzymes."Your liver filters your entire blood supply every 3-5 minutes. That is a big job. Your liver draws a large volume of blood, rich with dietary nutrients, straight from the GI tract, uses the nutrients, removes toxins and expels many toxins through the liver bile..." ~

"Strong liver function is critical for good health. Almost all cancer patients have compromised liver function. A major undiagnosed factor leading to liver disease is lack of healthy intestinal bacteria and often includes an overgrowth of candida which can create a parasite-friendly environment.The first line of defense to restore healthy liver function is diet and detoxification." ~

"...the methylation cycle manages how your body uses sulfur. Sulfur is needed for sulfation, which is one of the biochemical processes by which the body eliminates toxins. Glutathione is a sulfur-based molecule that has been called the Mother-of-All-Antioxidants for its ability to neutralize free radicals and remove heavy metals and man-made pollutants..." ~


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Why is Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) a foundational supplement? Sulfur is essential for helping the liver detox the whole body.

It's all about giving your body the energy to heal and maintain itself. MSM is an incredibly effective and safe supplement.

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Why do we need MSM? "Sulfur (MSM) is stored in every cell of the body...Sulfur is responsible for the ionic exchange within the sodium-potassium pump in the cell...sulfur is a component of insulin...sulfur is a required element found in the proteins of most body tissues." ~ Beth M Ley, Ph.D.

Our sulfur levels go down as we age. Supplementing MSM helps us maintain normal function.

" a non-metallic sulfur compound which occurs widely in nature. It is one of the most common substances found in the body. Sulfur plays an essential role in human nutrition, a fact commonly overlooked....MSM is as basic to life as water and salt. It is completely non-toxic - as safe as water! " ~ Beth M Ley, Ph.D.

* BRIGHTEON store sources its supplements through - dedicated to clean, organic products (lab verified) with 1% percent of profits given to Native American causes.

ChiefOrganics MSM is "...vegan, certified Kosher and are extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology..." ~

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