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America's Decline Into Darkness - Clues To A Nation In Decline
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Mike's Christian Perspectives
Published 5 months ago |
We can summarize the six elements of Israel’s decline into just three (1) Lust of the Flesh - drunken pleasure-seeking and immoral perversion (2) Lust of the Eyes - grasping materialism, (3) Pride of Life - defiant sinfulness, arrogant conceit, and corrupt leadership. During this course of study, we will see plainly how America has followed in the footsteps of Israel. Our society has bowed down to the lies of Satan and the pounding of his messages that has appealed to the same desire that led Satan and a third of the angels to fall from God’s grace – SELF-FULFILLMENT. It was Satan’s self-centered desire to usurp God that led him to break the first Commandment and was justly demoted from the top angel position, the pinnacle of God’s angelic creations, to total enmity with God. Satan wants the same for us. He wants us to focus on ourselves, our desires (rights) – “meism.”
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