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Ep.218 | 20 years ago Nurse Julie developed terrible pain and arthritis following her only flu shot
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For The Love of Truth
Published 7 months ago |
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This is Julie’s story. In her own words:
I became disabled 2 weeks after my one and only flu vaccine. As a nurse, I was threatened that I'd lose my job if I didn't take it.

2 weeks afterward, the pain and stiffness started and became so extreme. I couldn't start my car or change my baby's diaper. I was in a different torture chamber everyday.

14 years into this, I became practically bed ridden, only getting up for one meal. All medications didn't work with the exception of steroids which I only took occasionally. After much research, I discovered low dose antibiotic therapy that put me in a remission for 2 years but no longer worked.

I then tried food grade hydrogen peroxide which put me in a remission for 9 months. I then heard about stem cells.

I've had 3 treatments and am no longer bed ridden. I can wipe my own bum and can get up from a chair without assistance. Although it's not a cure, it has given me much of my life back. If you want to explore stem cells, I'd be happy to share my experience.

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