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22) Urgent 2 | Wake Up Call 5G is a danger (2019)
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Published 2 years ago |
Urgent 2 | Wake Up Call 5G is a danger (2019) | published on my youtube channel 'Clarity with Claire Edwards' at 01/04/2019:

Second Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger threat to life and limb!

Our wake-up call “5G is a danger for life and limb!” has gone viral in the social media. This second wake-up call shows seven concrete examples with a continuously repeating pattern: Damage by mobile communication radiation is denied categorically by the mobile communication lobby, by politics and media, in spite of indisputable evidence base. Apparently injuries by mobile communication radiation should not become public knowledge.

They attributed the death of hundreds of birds to 5G tests that are supposed to have taken place at the same time.
Among others to show that this interpretation is not unfounded is the assessment of Prof. Dr. Werner Thiele.
He says (quote):
“The new mobile communications standard 5G will establish a totally new radiation environment for flora and fauna. The radiation is more intense with shorter waves and therefore harder – in its wave form and impact it resembles a weaponized form of radiation.”
Prof. Dr. Werner Thiele.
However, also on the internet voices emerged that categorically deny a correlation between 5G or mobile communication radiation and the sudden death of the birds.
Yet a seamless scientific proof that the bird die-off is definitely not connected with mobile communication radiation is not brought forward.

Today's second Wake-Up Call shows seven concrete examples with a continuously repeating pattern:
As soon as someone suggests that mobile communication radiation could be the cause for damages on humans, animals or the environment, there is a massive rise of dissenting voices which deny categorically these connections.

Example 1: Mysterious bee mortality
Nevertheless politics continue to claim:
“The currently valid thresholds are thresholds that comply with the health of the population and the precautionary principle.” Juergen Trittin, former Environment Minister (B90/Greens)

Exp.2 Mysterious damages on trees
“We have no indications that would cause us to worry.”
Dr. Karsten Menzel, Head of the Sectors for Environment, Health and Safety with e-plus.

Exp.3: Mysterious blood count alterations
Nevertheless, the mobile communications industry maintains: “Mobile communications technique the way we use it is not harmful to health.” Georg von Wagner (Press officer of T-Mobile)

Exp.: 4 Mysterious increase of Alzheimer and dementia
But politics pretend:
“There is no evidence, that the radiation of mobile phones, WLAN devices (…) are potentially harmful to humans.” (German government, quoted in “Ärzteblatt” on 12/13/2018)

Exp.: 5: Mysterious increase of electrosensitivity
Still politicians pretend:
“The currently used communication technique poses no threat. At best, those concerned suffer from a mental problem.”
Dr. med. Monika Stolz, former German minister for Labor and Social Affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Example 6: Mysterious discrediting of scientific studies
"They ruin people's health by fear more than mobile phones could ever do.“ - (Thomas Barmüller, FMK, Mobile Communication Forum)

Example 7: Mysterious behavior of animals.
Telecom spokesman Dr. Volker Böckelmann:
"A business enterprise cannot have morals.“

The listed 7 examples are only the tip of the iceberg of a gigantic concealment of damages by mobile communications. There is no getting around the conclusion that all legitimate and unlawful means are used to prevent the damage caused by mobile communications from reaching the light of day.

The line of argument that there is no scientific evidence of such damages must be exposed as fraudulent deception and criminal irresponsibility.

Dr. med. Gerd Oberfeld, Health and Environmental Medicine Officer of the Salzburg State Government, puts it in a nutshell with an apt comparison to cholera:
"150 years ago it was discovered in London that severe diarrhoea illnesses with fatal consequences accumulated near certain wells. As a result, the wells were closed immediately and the number of infections actually went down.

Oberfeld sees an immediate need for action because he estimates that already today more people are harmed or even killed by mobile communication than by traffic accidents or air pollutants.

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