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48) Deep History about 5G 'Who, What, Why'
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Published 2 years ago |
Deep History about 5G ''Who, What, Why'' | published on my youtube channel 'Clarity with Claire Edwards' at 14/04/2019:

Sources and credits:
Project Camelot, published at 05/04/2019

Nancy Hopkins:
(Amgen Inc. Professor of Biology Emerita)

Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup, published at 07/06/2016
UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati, Leuren Moret with Darrell Hamamoto

Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup, published at 11/08/2016
Radiation Omnicide: Leuren Moret by Alfred Webre

Leuren Moret's website:
"The ruling elite have been carrying out secret nuclear war for the purpose of depopulation since World War II under the guise of atmospheric testing 'for the national security,' nuclear power 'too cheap to meter' and depleted uranium 'kinetic energy' bullets" - Leuren Moret

ITNJ - Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse:

Survivors testimonies of high crimes, ritual abuse, targeted individuals, MK Ultra and much worse than that:

Extended trailer | 5G APOCALYPSE-THE EXTINCTION EVENT, (a documentary by Sacha Stone, 'New Earth Project'):

5G Apocalypse (2019) A Extinction Event | by Sacha Stone 'New Earth Project, published at 23/03/2019: |

Brien Foerster, published at 11/12/2018
Ancient Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Full Lecture

Gabi Plumm, published at 24/11/2015
New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard, Episode 1, The Redheads

Channel: Wireless Dangers Australia, published at 06/05/2017
Leuren Moret on Wireless Weapons Used on People

Leuren Moret BS, MS, PhD ABD's about MIND CONTROL - Electronic Harassment Stop The Crime The Weaponization of WiFi ,Energy weapons Electronic Harassment - Stalking Coverup.
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