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Exposing the Real Jacinda Ardern (full expose') - 'Kiwi Crisis'
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When people with personality disorders gain power.
The concept of "pathocracy." This is when individuals with personality disorders (particularly psychopathy) occupy positions of power.
Lobaczewski devoted his life to studying human evil, a field which he called "ponerology."
He wanted to understand why 'evil' people seem to prosper, while so many good and moral people struggle to succeed.
He wanted to understand why people with psychological disorders so easily rise to positions of power and take over the governments of countries.
Since he was living under a "pathocratic" regime himself, he took great risks studying this topic.
He was arrested and tortured by the Polish authorities, and was unable to publish his life's work, the book Political Ponerology, until he escaped to the United States during the 1980s.
New Zealand is becoming a pathocratic state they just don't know it yet. They have never lived under totalitarian control so don't realize the transition that is happening right under their noses on a daily basis.
You need proof: watch for the latest pathocratic state announcement for the New Zealand economy now being turned on its head under the guise of a climate emergency
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