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Dr Sam Bailey - Glutathione - The Immune System’s Best Kept Secret 🤫
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Glutathione - The Immune System's best kept secret.
What is Glutathione and how does it help your body?

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1. Oxidation and reduction:

2. Postulated ‘oxidative burst’ in mammalian immune system:

3. Oxidative Stress:

4. Oxidative Stress in human diseases:

5. Free radical damage to human DNA:

6. Reduced glutathione system: Role in cancer development, prevention and treatment (Review):

7. Free Radical Toxicity pathway:

8. Oxidative stress in smokers and non-smokers:

9. Liver failure in one month in glutathione deficient mice:

10. Healthy instead of chronically ill - Dr Joachim Mutter (German):

11. TH1 to TH2 immune shift image:

12. Are we getting enough sulfur in our diet?:

13. Milk thistle extract (silymarin) studies:

14. Human Nutrition and Dietetics:

15. Virus Mania: 10th German edition and 3rd English edition - coming soon!

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ABOUT ME: I want to make it easier for people to fix common health problems. I work as a medical doctor in New Zealand.

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