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Speed Punching Drill
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Published 9 months ago

This type of speed punching drill should not be done for the typical reasons most Wing Chun practitioners do them. Most WC practitioners are taught in the classical way and naturally become loyal to the school's way of doing things. Still worse are those that fall into the delusional Wing Chun world of believing that if they simply practice their straight punches for long enough making them sharp and fast, they can then easily straight-blast their way to certain victory. The Wing Chun straight blast is not a good fighting strategy and is unlikely to work in today's world against a skilled fighter.

That said, these drills are still good to do. They are a great workout for your arms and shoulders. It can, of course, also improve your punching speed, center line accuracy, and ultimately result in faster center line counters.

Like the boxer's quick jab, the Wing Chun straight punch is difficult to see, which is why it works well during in-fighting. But one should not become obsessed with it believing what is seen in Ip Man movies. In my opinion, throwing more than three center line punches during a real fight is not using the straight punch effectively and causes the remaining punches to be easily telegraphed.

Again, this drill is done for specific training purposes but not for using the classic straight-blast attack as a fighting strategy.

It's important to understand this.

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