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Fight The Future

Lyin’ Liz Cheney just went on Fox News and was finally asked the question about whether President Trump

Arizona's next Governor has a stern warning for anyone trying to steal the election: "You're gonna get caught.

Dan Ball just exposed the truth about Verizon dropping OAN from their programming live on his show.

Australia Facial Recognition

Kari Lake: “I thought VP Mike Pence was an honorable man and a Christian. He’s a liar.”

Former Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore on the stupidity of organizations and elites today calling for climate policies which are basically a eugenics suicide pact.

PANIC: This three and a half minute MSM video is what I call "target rich"

They know what's coming and even admit the following:

- Trump's coming back

🇦🇺 Australia PM Anthony Albanese: "Climate Change Is A National Security Issue"

"I was literally just following the doctor's orders and following government mandates, and now this is my life."

The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated.

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