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7.24.22: The [DS] CULT want our Children. [email protected]/Trump/ Real Leaders stand in their way. PRAY!
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Song by Roman P

U.S. FDA authorizes Novavax COVID vaccine for adults


No coincidences Folks, spontaneous fires raging in Europe since they kicked their Climate Change in a higher gear

Del Bigtree: "The leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada, is 'We don't freakin' know!'"


Matt Gaetz just taunted Hunter & the Big Guy by pulling a copy of the laptop out of his pocket while speaking at Turning Point:

Thousands of Dutch farmers and truckers have hit Amsterdam in protest, Canadian flags seen flying in solidarity.

American Actor and patriot Kevin Sorbo message to the Dutch people on The Dam- Amsterdam.

Thank you message from a few organizers farmers to the world


In Russia, in the Kaluga region, a replica of the Tower of Babel was burned.

Time for Answers: Tucker Calls into Question the Safety of COVID Injections

“They’re a Cult” - Lara Logan

“So God made a Farmer”

Trump at TPUSA

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