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Published 2 months ago |
The deception of the Marginal Text...

The written language of the margin of a document has no jurisdiction with the language of the main body of text, its only those that can detect the difference between main body text and marginal text that may detect a document that may be set up to deceive you into falling for the deception of converting you from the main body into the outer fringes of life where you lose everything. Ro, is a fiction language that appears within the margins of a document, it can be mistaken for English by the grammatically untrained eye, leaving you with a false impression of what a document may be saying... Life has become flat by the legal world of paper, titles, deeds, contracts, licenses, you name it, nothing seems to exist without some form of document, but are any of them real?, it may be those that can see the fraud in the paper that may be able to save themselves from such deceptions appearing within the body of text in relation to such deeds, titles, bills, licenses etc. No contract can exist in fraud, unless you "consent" but if you can't see the fraud, you may be at a disadvantage to such a satanic occult of the masters of the flat earth of paper ... Justinian Deception...

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