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Lake of Fire
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Published 2 months ago |
Lake of Fire
c.2010 – Mike Caraway

1) We’re heavily double-crossed, handed death, disease and loss
By that dragon who attacks us from the air,
Set sold-out puppets over us, fools ruled by power lust,
Losers of freedom who really do not care.
Passin trash off as culture, pretendin lies are like the truth,
Drunk in front of the one-eye vulture, killin innocence and youth,
Sellin corporate religion, where the stars tell you what to do,
In this world system our children are born into.

Then together we will rise, in the twinkling of an eye,
To our Lord when that trumpet rings in the sky,
Then the old snake, that liar, will know his time has expired,
When he’s thrown crawlin, fallin, to the Lake of Fire.

2) Now the most high lizard sets the rules, for who’s righteous, who is cool,
His experts tell you how to live and who to pay,
Dupes you to think with a group mind, drink your heart the party line,
Make denial boss and toss your life away,
Fight fiendish wars for the money changers, buy dreams the mob media create,
Share your body with careless strangers, give your children to the state,
Pass your time in isolation, a poser gassed on arrogance and doubt,
Oh yeah, be sure turn off the light when you go out.


3) Don’t worry ‘bout history, now planes are sprayin you and me,
With hostile fibers and metallic nano-dust,
All natural creatures feel the strain, from man-made magnetic waves,
Meant to disable, kill, enslave, and brainwash us.
So swing that two-edge sword of His Word, bring the truth and break their plan,
Build up in love one another, to a home made without hands,
Throw off those worthless works of darkness, put on the armor of light,
Take on your free eternal life, fight the good fight.


4) Rather than thank Him for His gift, men pretend He don’t exist,
Over His creation they hold the final say,
But we don’t have to act like them, dry grass crackling in the wind,
We can be His friends, walk with Him every day,
Stay true to who you were made to be, do all you do in His name,
Let His peace your inner rule be, wage war against the devil’s games,
Run the race, prize your upward call now, while the power mafia bites the night,
By the grace of God we’re sure to be all right.


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