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Bases 124 Part 1 Sean David Morton - Introduction
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Published 6 months ago |

Sean David Morton author of the Sands of Times book series, and host of other projects, Coast to Coast AM, Strange Universe Radio, and many more. Fundamental groundbreaking material on the Dulce base, decades ago. Survivor of stage 4 cancer, we join Sean with a short preamble that ran for 30 minutes!, so maybe getting on with the show was a good idea by then. Host of Strange Universe radio show The Waiting Generation I Am Justice UFO Contacts : If You believe, now hear what they have to say Dulce : Dark Mesa Secret Government Warehouses (Consultant) Sands of Time book series (discussed in detail in this introduction) Black Seraph The Dark Prophet : 2009 Challengers of the Unknown (TV Series/Special) Joe Killionaire (Writer / Director / Producer) Badlands - 'Traffic meets Badlands' Message from the Pleiades (Screenwriter) The Meonia Stone (Screenwriter) The Nine Lights : Sequel to The Green Stone The Guardians Unit 9, Unit 9 Episode 6 Hellion (Writer) Skunkworks Remote View Beverly Hills Budda Venus in Furs The Delphi Associates Newsletter Hard Copy Declassified Area 51 : The Alien Interview Strange Universe UFO Contactees Sightings Strange Universe! - on Talk Radio Network UFO Library Magazine Coast to Coast AM, with Art Bell and George Noory Tough Act Phenomenon Spiritual Remote Viewing Seminars ZM Productions Ravenswood Productions Fair Play (Emmy Nomination) Buck Rogers Playboy Advertising 12 Signs Inc BOOKS:- Sands of Time, Black Seraph, The Dark Prophet, The Vajra Chronicles, The Future Sucks, The Millennium Factor. The Gulf Breeze Prophecies ... and so on

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