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Words Received 16th Jan 2021 “Warn Them! They MUST NOT Take The Mark! "
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The Power Of Truth
Published 15 days ago |
Original Video posted on January 16 2021 is Here
This is the MARK and the health passport is the IMAGE that "speaks"/ "is given life" to reveal who has the mark or not. Nobody will be able to travel or even work (buy or sell) without it or even for daily life (shop).
This document proves that this mark will be recquired for the coming cryptocurrency system:;tab=PCTBIBLIO
Received around 9.50am 16th Jan 2021:
"WARN them! My child warn them! They MUST NOT take the mark! WARN them again, WARN them again! They MUST NOT take the mark! So many of My children have been deceived into taking this wicked, poisonous, concoction of pure wickedness and evil. IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Why do any of you still doubt this? It is the mark! Why must you continue to debate amongst yourselves and rely on your own human understanding and logic? IT IS THE MARK! WAKE UP from your slumber you heavy sleepers! AWAKE out of your deep slumber and stupor! You MUST not take this poison and pure wickedness! Failure in obeying this command will end in EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT built, prepared and ready for Satan, the Devil and all his wicked, despicable and abominable angels. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. EVERLASTING TORMENT. Sulfur and burning in ashes. Again and again. Over and over. Is this what you want? Do you think I ever wanted this for any of My people? I tell you NEVER. You by your own deception and deceptive hearts will lead yourselves into your own destruction and demise. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. They are void of wisdom. Your lack of discernment will destroy you. BLINDNESS. Blindness for refusing to love, seek or obey My truths. Did I not already foretell you of this? The heart is evil and desperately wicked above ALL things. Did not I warn you in My commands? NO AMOUNT OF PRAYERS or weeping can undo the fate which has been sealed once you take it. You MUST not take it. Warn My people again. YOU MUST NOT TAKE IT. Dire circumstances will begin the moment you take it and it enters and begins to sweep through and poison your bodies. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. God is not mocked. I will not be mocked. You will reap what you sow. You have sown wickedness and evil over and over to your flesh. Now you are paying the consequences. I say it again, I will not be mocked. The stubbornness and wickedness of this generation is grieving and poisonous. I stand ready to avenge. Over and over I have spread out My hands towards you. Like a hen ready to gather her chicks but you have refused in your stubborn and darkened and ignorant, wicked, evil hearts. Darkness. Pure darkness surrounds you now. I have lifted My hands of protection off of you. You America, you are abysmal in My sight, a pure disgrace and abomination. UK and Israel, you are not far behind in My eyes and the rest of the world following. A disgust and disgrace to My taste. A stench in my nose. Utter disgrace and disgust to Me. I will avenge now. You have chosen over and over to ignore my commands and you have allowed yourselves and your own hearts to deceive you. Thinking that you can pray against My scriptures is pure insanity. My will, will be done. The scriptures are foretold and will be fulfilled whether you like or want to believe it or not. These are the consequences of your continued disobedience to My commands, My Word, My prophets and prophecies. Your continued unfaithfulness is an abomination and disgusts Me. The wickedness and stubbornness of your own hearts is upon your own heads now. Now you will see My fury, My fury upon this land and the nations. I Am quick and ready to avenge. My anger is outpouring, it is outpouring now and will not return to me void. I Am your judge and I stand ready to punish all the wicked with fiery serpents and fiery judgements. Fire. Do you hear Me? Fire! Fire! All stored and ready to be unleashed. You didn’t listen to Me, My children and now you will suffer the consequences. I Am ready to avenge for My Name’s sake. I Am here, I Am ready, I Am at Your doors. Warn them. Warn them again. Warn them again. You MUST NOT take or worship the mark of the beast. Under no circumstances. There is NO COMING BACK from it and I Am coming. I Am coming quickly and I Am ready and will avenge. Repent, turn from your wickedness quickly. Fire. Fire is coming. Upon your doorsteps. Time is almost up. I Am ready, I Am coming. I Am coming quickly. The gathering is now and so is My fury. My fury upon these wicked nations. My peace be upon you My dear, lowly, faithful, obedient and humble servants. I will be with you in all that You do. Do not fear. I come quickly. Father. Yeshua Hamashiach. Amen and amen."

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