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What On Earth Is Happening - Episode #213
Published 3 years ago
Date: 2019-06-16

Topics: The Public's Misplaced Trust In Mainstream Institutions, Society is completely backwards, inflammatory responses to the episodes on Right Livelihood, Harsh judgement toward those who are engaged in Wrong Livelihood, Speaking uncomfortable Truth, People's trust in mainstream institutions is part of our underlying problem as a species, Lack of Awakening in society, Wrong thinking leading to wrong behavior, the Seven Deadly World Institutions, Religion ostensibly connects a person with the Creator and Spirituality, Institutional Belief Systems, Ostensible Purposes of Mainstream Institutions, Religion is the overarching problem leading to wrong thinking, Faulty observations and perceptions through cultural brainwashing, Infiltration of Religious institutions by the Dark Occult, Religion pushing Communism, Ostensible purposes of Government, True purpose of Government exists to control and enslave its subjects, Media personnel are paid liars, Ostensible purposes of Media, True purpose of Media is to deceive people to further the Government Agenda of Mass Control, the Zeitgeist of Human Consciousness, Operation Mockingbird, Jim Keith, Intelligence Agencies infiltration into Media, Ostensible purposes of Education, True purpose of Education is to indoctrinate the youth to Government Agendas in all fields, Ostensible purposes of Banking and Financial Institutions, True purpose of Banking and Financial Institutions is to maintain a wealth gap between rich and poor and direct the economy to serve the Ruling Class, Ostensible purposes of the Health Care and Medical Industry, True purpose of Medical Institutions is to profit from the sick and undermine true holistic health, Ostensible purposes of Science, True purpose of modern "Science" is to direct new discoveries for government purposes and control the public's perception of what is possible, the Paradigm Shift that didn't happen, the Illusory Left-vs.-Right Political Paradigm, Unresolved Psychological Parental Abandonment Issues, Shadow Work to resolve psychological issues that cause naive childlike trust in the Mainstream Institutions, Psychological Transference to Proxy Parental Figures represented by Mainstream Institutions, Awareness of social attitudes outside of your own circle to observe worldviews and mindsets, the Hordes of Unconscious Humanity, Different roles for different people doing the Great Work, Righteous Anger, Juicing for health and wellness, Natural Cures, Legality does not equate to Morality, Community Support in the Truth and Freedom movement, Teaching Natural Law in other countries, It is Possible for Humanity to awaken but will we WILL that Awakening into existence?

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