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Hottest Days And Record Setting Temperatures Claims Are MSM Lies To Scam Us To Death & Enrich The Carbon Tax Scammers BREAKING! SPREAD!
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Published 7 months ago

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The media is turning up the heat about ‘record’ temperatures for no reason

Don't buy the hype that hot weather is a mass killer

Claims of Record-Setting Temperatures Are Nothing but Hot Air

Climategate is the worst scientific scandal of our generation – The Expose

Search Results for “temperature ” – The Expose

Claims that UK’s temperature last month was “the hottest since records began” is a lie – The Expose

David S on Twitter: "Theo Khelfoune Ferreras, 19, took his own life after ‘losing hope over climate change’" / Twitter

The Light: Carbon dioxide has zero effect on temperatures – The Expose

The Global Temperature Record Says We’re in a “Climate Emergency”, It’s a Con – The Expose

Climate engineering is already having severe negative impacts on our weather, food supplies, biodiversity and health – The Expose

FACT CHECK: No Evidence to Support Mainstream Media Claim of “Hottest Day on Earth for 125k Years”; It’s Propaganda – The Expose

Goed klimaatnieuws, maar de media zwijgen - Climategate Klimaat

Goed klimaatnieuws, maar de media zwijgen - Climategate Klimaat

IPCC adjusts temperature data to create the impression of catastrophic global warming – The Expose

Climate records tumble, leaving Earth in uncharted territory - scientists - BBC News

how much does the earths atmosphere way? at DuckDuckGo

Europe, China and US swelter in record-breaking heatwaves

Google News

DeSantis calls for state investment manager to consider action against Bud Light's parent company | CNN Politics

Carbon Tax Scam - YouTube

Clear Energy Alliance - YouTube

how to lie with statistics bill gates at DuckDuckGo

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