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We the People Claim Fraud, Maleficence and Genocide
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Published 3 years ago
A call to action: lawyers are our "first responders" now. We must take the multitude of cases of fraud, maleficence and genocide into our courtrooms, peacefully using the rule of law and our sacred Constitution to settle our disputes against those for whom we have good and sufficient evidence to charge fraud, maleficence and crimes against humanity with regard to the creation of SARS CoV-2, the COVID pandemic, and the tyranny of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Justice is what's needed. No protest in the street or rant on social media can, or will, ever be as effective as bringing the guilty to justice in the courts of law. Suit up and science up, people. We the People can and shall be heard. NOTE: I said, "160 people" in the country have been vaccinated. Oh, that it were true! I meant to say "160 million people." God in heaven, help us.
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