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Warning! Prepare For a Global Banking Cyberattack
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Published 5 months ago |
From - Mark Moss


0:00 Video Overview
0:40 Intro
1:50 The IMF Simulating an Attack
4:17 Bank Holiday's to Prevent Bank Runs
8:55 Their Strategy to Prevent Bank Runs
10:41 Social Credit System Coming
11:52 What Mark Is Doing to Prepare
12:54 Share Your Thoughts Below
13:15 Outro

Have you been paying attention? Are you prepared for what's been trending headlines as of lately? In 2015, as greek banks shut down for what they call a 'public bank holiday', 67 year old retired public servant stand outside of the banks and says, "How can something like this happen without prior warning?"

Are you prepared to wake up one day without having access to your bank? Take warning now because the IMF, and other global leaders are preparing for this, and so should you.

In today's video, I'm going to break down
- What the IMF, WEF, and other countries are doing to prepare
- The threat you may be facing
- What you should be doing now to protect yourself.

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