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Taking the Kingdom of Heaven By Force!
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Do you know that, as a Christian, your soul is your promised land?
Did you know it must be conquered?

David Eells starts in Numbers chapters 13 and 14 to teach us the importance of speaking the good report boldly, in spite of what our eyes see. We learn that, in type, our soul is the promised land and our spirit man must conquer the flesh man. Learn how to take the Kingdom of Heaven by force!

As members of the kingdom of heaven on earth, we have to forcefully swing the sword of the Spirit, speaking the good report, which is the Word of God, in order to conquer the promised land of our soul.

The ten spies and all the congregation who spoke the bad report, not believing the Word of the Lord, all died in the wilderness and did not enter their promised land. Matthew 11:12, "...the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and men of violence take it by force."

Stay with us to learn what God's Word says about taking 'the promised land' of your soul.

(The audio quality of these teachings and Bible studies is from the 1990s. We have done everything we can to improve the quality as much as possible. Although these are older recordings, the quality of the teachings themselves is excellent! We hope you will enjoy the anointing that David Eells has for teaching and revelation.)

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