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President Trump: "John Durham's Investigation Is Most Important One In American History" -1669-6P
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Published 8 months ago |
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POTUS stepped off Marine One at 12.26pm, wearing winter coat, suit, white shirt and red tie. He walked across the south lawn, waved to reporters then approached them. “Would you like to talk to me?” he asked. “I’m shocked. Yes, go ahead.” Asked what he would like to know from the whistleblower, POTUS replied: “Well, the whistleblower gave a very inaccurate report and, as you know, certain of the media released information about a man that they said was the whistleblower. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But what they said is he’s an Obama person, it was involved with Brennan, Susan Rice which means Obama, but he was like a big anti-Trump person. Hated Trump and they said terrible things.

E-Militia Article: President Trump: “John Durham’s Investigation Is Most Important One In American History”

GUEST: Eric Cochran worked as an Android app software developer at Pinterest for nearly two years. He spoke at tech conferences around the world and worked on open-source code that runs in most major apps. He says he just wanted to do good in the world with his career in technology. Eric thought Pinterest would be different from its sibling tech giants but his illusions vanished when he saw Pinterest fall in line with other Big Tech companies in its crackdown on content that went against their social agenda. Eric leaked documents to Project Veritas and Pinterest Big Tech Bias was exposed — If you haven’t heard of Eric Cochrans leak to Project Veritas there is good reason — until Eric blew the Whistle on Pinterest - YouTube had never taken down a Project Veritas Video - but that all changed with Erics case — Coverage by Veritas, Steven Crowder and many others has been completely deleted from the internet — Eric says what we see happening now are the watershed moments that strike a nerve with Big Tech because it forces Pinterest and others like them to declare their opinion publicly on issues such as pro-life groups like Live Action. The abortion issue is hot he says and tech companies are scurrying to protect their Big Tech friends, but they can no longer do it in secret. With Project Veritas' reveal, the public now knows. Eric has since been fired —

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