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Maneuvring Thru The Matrix - A Mystik Hip Hop Journey ((432))
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Published 2 months ago |
A wise man once said: Be the glitch you wish to see in the matrix.. take it back to the basics, to mentalism- break outta the mental prison and master yourself like that’s why you were born to be livin’.. but that ain’t the only reason we're given- however, it's your choice with what you do with your life.. ever asked if it's for the highest good?

This mix is not all about physical maneuvers- far from it.. the emotional intelligence, intuition, mentality, spiritual compass- best calibrated to cosmic law..

we're gettin' alil cyber punkish with this one in regards to the quadruply, which should've stayed as a triology that completed the trinity.. Always bringing that abstract hip hop and plenty of conscious lyrics to inspire spirits.. some of it'll kinda harken to those

You’ll need more than just your third eye to manuver thru this reality.. unscathed? Ha, highly unlikely, especially if you’re spirited.. even those on the highest path have most likely had some kind of hardship in their life.. this mix is kinda about rolling with the punches, but also being able to rise above adversity or avoid it all together with either cunning intelligence or spiritual discernment and foreseeing/ jedi mind skillz..

what’s the deal with neo anyway? Neo means one of course, like thee one.. as in there’s only a single human being that could’ve broken the matrix code and become more powerful than any agent.. why can’t nearly everybody have the capacity to do the same? Of course this is just a movie plot line about neo being the singular anomaly to the architect's algorithms, altho the allegories and foreshadowing are off the charts on so many levels in this movie series..

peep mark passio’s decryption of the matrix quadruply.. Brendon Martin released a similar presentation as well. It’ll blow your lid with esoteric & spiritual insight to say the least..

going over how this mix would play out, i found it too easy to fall too much into the movie matrix lore with all the grandioso fight scenes, dystopian displacement and simulated AI reality, but i had to throw some references in there among other appropriate themes.. pretty satisfied with this overall after shifting so many sounds in this project.. I know i'm missing some perfect matrix inspired tracks that are out there, i just haven't taken the time to search for music outside of what i currently have in my possession.. i have boughten a few dozen albums in recent times and have found some great gems from some artists i'm new to and others i should've incorporated more than before, which has given me some motivation and ideas for future works, so stay tuned and check out these mixes on other platforms since youtube isn't my go-to anymore, despite this channel having more subscribers than all other of my channels on other platforms combined.. the copyrights have been a big thorn on the side what i've established on whotube.. anywho, i still haven't seen the 4th matrix movie yet.. if you dig this one, check out my A.I. Decepticon Matrix video mix


Intro - Various Sound Sequences
Eyes Of Dreams - Lewis Parker
Two Face The Faceless - Kaotic Souls
Storm Chasers - Formula Abstract
Eclectic Storm - Darkleaf
Artifical intelligence - Mr Traumatik & Devilman
Return To The Woman In The Red Dress Remix - Soundrack
Disconected - The Profoun Poet
Syntax - Epedos
Central City - Formula Abstract
True Lies - Afro Classics
Program - Disflex6
Rousseau - CYNE
Deep Thought - Scienz of Life ft.
Mass Elements - Gel Roc ft. Aceyalone
Momentum - The CUF
Emerge - Lateef & Life Savas
The Days Grow Long - Montags Dust ft. DJ Werd & The Merovingian
Can't Catch Me - G & E
Listen - Emphasize & Edgar Isreal
Galloping Through Galaxiez - Ultraman ft.
Eternally Rise - Elevated Elements
Glitched ass Malfunctions in The Matrix - Various
Death Trap - Mr Traumatik
Pitfall - Jedi Knights Circle
Free Your Mind - Tekneek Ft Amy J
Keep Your Head - The B.L.U.N.T.E.D. Crew
Mental Matrix - Crymzyn
The MArch - Aceyalone
Exhalation 2nd Stage - Baba Zumbi (R.I.P)
Legend of The Basilisk - Napolean Da Legend
Dark Days (Inner Power) - The Angel & Navigator
Peptic Relief - Westside Chemical

Arranged, mixed & produced on March 4th 2022, in Medford Oregon by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind

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