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Straight Shooting News - Unmasking The Faces of Evil Halloween Special - Part 2
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Published 10 months ago |
This should send a chill up your spine.

(continuing) … Sounds like a free market economy solution contradicting the ‘control agenda’ of Klaus Schwab.

The carbon economy; how we consume and produce energy.

Climate change – to shape the future of manufacturing and production:

Who is behind the Supply Chain Interruptions?

What is this the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What is fulfilling human potential, and equality, and gender equality or equity all about?

January 2020 – as the toll of the virus was still being evaluated:

Question: How to defeat a strong leader who stands in the way of a preplanned global takeover? Find their weakness, and exploit it! Could there be a weakness in a father indulging their daughter? Listen to the video above, after Ivanka introduces the WEF speaker: “capitalism as we know it is dead”; gratitude given to Klaus Schwab.

More fear from WEF: COVID platform of “Collective Action”, supply chain problem and vaccinations:

What could go wrong when a Global Entity decides to control and shape the future of consumption. Will they control what you can buy? Is it really being done to improve the health and welfare of the Consumers? Through China and Davos?

Watch closely; just captions about readiness and health care.

Shaping the digital economy and global economic value, or, how to monitor everyone on the planet?

How much does the WEF intend to control? Business, politics, all stakeholders, leisure, media, entertainment and sport, all consumer goods and services? Pay attention to the references to ‘safeguards’, but no explicit mention of exactly what is the danger involved?

Governance and proper oversight of an AI economy

Shaping the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems

Why would the government monitor your spending $600 in a “Civil Society”? There is a lot to consume there, but what could go wrong if AI takes control of our everyday life? Further, who will (try to?) control this Artificial Intelligence? It appears Klaus Schwab and WEF ‘partners’ intend to, and they make it sound so appealing. Will they decide how many people will be of benefit to the planet? Will you be included? Look at how wonderful and carefree life will be with AI. The Digital ID Wallet:
Is that the future you desire? Or will you fight like this protest in New York? It has begun, Americans are rising up:;t=3s
(Special thanks to JW TV for the compilation of acts of resistance and bravery. )

Finally, Hayek’s words from ‘Road to Serfdom’ apply today to horrors that await, IF we allow Our Nations and Our Liberties to fall to Globalists Control:

“It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.” Hayek said his “main points” were to document how “extensive government control produces a psychological change, an alteration in the character of the people…

“This means that even a strong tradition of political liberty is no safeguard if the danger is precisely that new institutions and policies will gradually undermine and destroy that spirit.”

Hayek continues, that this dismal situation can be averted, but only IF the spirit of liberty “reasserts itself in time and the people not only throw out the party which has been leading them further and further in the dangerous direction but also recognize the nature of the danger and resolutely change their course.”

Not long ago Americans could contemplate totalitarian regimes and say, “Thank God we’ve escaped that.” It’s not clear we can entertain that happy conviction any longer.

Lastly, a lesson from President Trump, reflecting on the unremitting tsunami of hostility he faced: “They’re not after me, they’re after you,” he more than once told his supporters. “I’m just in the way.”
(Vicktorya apologizes for screwing up the graphic of Trump's quote. Whoops!)
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