Jekyll Island Georgia and the Timucuan Tribe
58 views • 06/20/2022

Few people have heard of Jekyll Island, Georgia. But huge, world changing things once happened in this tiny spot; one of four barrier islands known as the Golden Isles.

French explorers arrived in the 16th century, before the British lobbed ashore. General James Edward Oglethorpe (founder of the colony of Georgia in 1733) named Jekyll Island after Sir Joseph Jekyll, a wealthy Brit who’d invested in the new colony. For a century, a French family owned it, eventually turning the island into a hunting club.

In 1886, the island was purchased by the Jekyll Island Club and became an uber-exclusive holiday resort for members and their wives and families. Exclusively were two lot shares with only 100 shares available. A few of names who bought lots were Joseph Pulitzer, William Rockefeller, JP Morgan, William K Vanderbilt and Marshall Field. At one time the club’s members represented one sixth of the world’s wealth; their influence meant momentous things took place within the club's confines. It was on the line for the USA’s first transcontinental telephone call in 1915 and was the location of secret meetings to outline plans for what would eventually become the Federal Reserve System.

The Rockefellers built their house on top of a blood sacrifice alter which was on the island.

The Timucuan tribe were wiped out of existence with their origins really unknown.

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