War Update: Take your war Budget & shove it
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Greatest crime in human history: The Elite are Exempted: Corey Lynn from returns to the SGT Report to explain just how far the NWO TOTAL CONTROL GRID has come: Space & The New Frontier:

The majority of Jews in Israel are opposed to Netanyahu's Government & Zionism; they would rather live in peace with Palestinians & other Arabs. Same with the majority of Arabs who would rather live in peace. The General Population of Earth would rather live in peace. It is the bankster's & THEIR underlings who want perpetual war so THEY can economically keep The Population under the slavery of debt.

It is NOT war which causes The Economy to go south. It is actually the reverse: Poor economic models which utilize interest[debt] on national currencies are the reason for wars! You CANNOT create $$/a currency from thin air & also pay interest on it; it is mathematically impossible to last!=Voting for it does not make it sound!

Why pledge-to & pay interest on a debt that is mathematically impossible to pay-down? You merely deepen your debt each year, while the Central banksters get richer & richer! The ONLY simple answer is to refuse to re-new The Budget! It is simply that simple! A new payment-funding asset-based system is available & waiting.

"What IF? THEY gave a war, and no one showed up?"

We have basically been living under a governmental coup since President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963; even more so since 9-11, by the same type of groups. It was never "a lone gunman" & Arab plane hi-jackers! It was "inside-the-Temple" "money-lenders" who seek to gain even more power! For charges to be brought against these Elite Cabal Families & treasonous-conspirators---it will take a loyal military---NOT a mercenary-SERCO paid Force!

Benjamin Fulford:

Tucker Carlson Warns ‘Really Dramatic Abrupt Change Is Coming’ ( -Gregory Mannarino speaks about The Debt! -What is the Central Bankster's solution? -Orchestrate a WW III beginning in Palestine.

Why are there wars?:

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