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Ann Robards & Reptilian Slave Colony Channeled by Karl Mollison
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Published 6 months ago |
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Ann Robards

We know very little about her.

Karl received her name from his primary source in the Light.

She was identified as someone who could tell us about
an extraterrestrial slave colony and her involvement and tragic
experiences there.

She and her family were abducted from their home at night
approximately 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some will dismiss this as nonsense and that is certainly

However, some of the testimony here is corroborated by other testimony received from other experiencer’s as can be found on this YouTube and elsewhere.

Perhaps some will say that Ann’s experience and the greater
issue of the alien manipulation and enslavement of man needs
to be exposed in all its sordid detail for the purposes of justice and
perhaps forgiveness.

That is for you to decide. Thanks for joining us and Victory to the

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